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750 Browntown Road
Buchanan MI 49107

We pride ourselves in small batch production featuring classic, European-style wines made locally from locally grown grapes. What does small batch mean and why is it important? Our total annual production is less than other wineries production of one variety. It's like cooking dinner for 5 people vs 500. Our limited production allows us to pay close attention to quality and flavor. Our level of detail and care can be tasted in each bottle.

Tasting Room Hours

Mon - Thurs 12p - 5p
Fri 12p - 6p
Sat 11am - 7p
Sun 12p - 6p


Adam McBride

Items of Interest

*Reputation for producing classic European-style wines with vitis vinifera fruit
*A boutique winery focusing on quality over quantity
*Making dry to off-dry wines, featuring world class fruit from Southwest Michigan
*Comfortable and approachable hosts where you can learn about and taste award winning wine